UCEA 2008 IPI Achievement Prelimimnary Findings

This Preliminary Report of the relationships between IPI data, school culture, and student achievement was presented at the annual conference of the University Council for School Administration in Orlando, Florida, USA, November 1, 2008.  The data were analyzed using Structural Equation Modeling with Confirmatory Factor Analysis and Hierarchial Linear modeling.  The findings were generally "moderate" in strength and as hypothesized: student engagement was associated with student achievement; the implementation of the IPI Process with integrity was associated with improvement in engagement, and the type of engagement, particulalry engagement in higher-order/deeper thinking was associated with student achievement.  While not robust, these early findings were of importance and foundational to the later studies as the sample size of schools in the IPI/Achievement data set evolved.

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UCEA 2008 IPI Culture and Achievement SEM HLM Preliminary Findings