IPI Research Summaries

As I have time to summarize the research conducted about Student Engagement, particularly engagement as studied through the use of the IPI, I will pesent those summaries on this page.  These will be "summaries," not the full research papers or reports from which the summaries are derived...  If you are interested in the more detailed reports or papers, they will typically be provided in other drop-down menu items on this site.  Jerry Valentine


Research Summary A: IPI Data and Student Achievement

The following summary reflects the findings from several research papers authored by Justin Collins and Jerry Valentine.  As noted by the title, this specific paper boils down the very critical relationships between engagement and achievement on state assessments.  Not suprisingly, the major findings document the positive relationships between increased engagement during class time and increased engagement in higher-order/deeper thinking during class time with increased student achievement.  And just as logical are the findings that document the powerful negative impact on achievement as student disengagement during class time increases.  I think you will find this summary worthy of the time to read carefully.   Jerry Valentine (September, 2012) 

IPI Data and Student Achievement on High Stakes Tests (October, 2011)


Research Summary B: Strategies for Effective Implementation of the IPI Process

The following research summary provides insights into the best procedures to follow when implementing the IPI Process for studying student engagement.  Since the development of the IPI Process in 1996, I have made a point to study, both quantitatively and qualitatively, the strategies used to implement the IPI Process in schools across the country.  With approximately 23,000 educators across the country certified to use the IPI Process, I have had a rich set of data to study implementation empirically, as well as the opportunity to work directly with hundreds of schools as they put they implemented the IPI Process in their respective schools.  The Implementation Strategies discussed in this Research Summary represent the best advice I can provide to guide a school in the use of the IPI Process.  Jerry Valentine (December, 2012)

Strategies for Effective Implementation of the IPI Process