Basic IPI Level I Workshop Login

Welcome to the IPI workshop participant login page.

This section of the IPI website is available ONLY to individuals who have completed the basic IPI Level I Workshop and therefore been provided with a login password. This section provides copies of the workshop handouts and other materials and resources that might be of value to a school that is implementing the IPI process. If you have any questions about accessing or using these materials, do not hesitate to email Dr. Valentine at If you have not been an IPI workshop participant and would like more insights about the IPI workshops or related materials about the study of student engagement, also feel free to contact Dr. Valentine at the above email.


During your IPI workshop you were provided with a login password that allows you to have access to the IPI workshop handouts and implementation materials.

Enter your name, email, state and your assigned password below.

If you have forgotten your password or have any difficulty logging in to access these materials, please email me at When you email me indicate the date and location of your workshop so I can authenticate your access. I will then reply with the appropriate password. 

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Jerry Valentine